Morning Moose Baconfest Wedding

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Couple's Name:  Mike and Lynne
Why should YOU be married at Baconfest?:  Mike has an enormous love for pork in general but especially bacon. He has always said that bacon is his most important thing so to include that into our wedding day would be phenomenal for us both. His life's motto has Always been "Bacon makes Everything Better!" We have six kids between the two of us and even though Mike asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day 2012 we haven't been able to find time or funds to plan our wedding. We have known each other for 20 years and went to our high school prom together in 1995 as sweethearts. We parted ways after school and lost touch for two years. We dated for a short time in 1997 but again separated due to life circumstances. Low and behold in 2010 Mike friend requested me on Facebook and now three years later we've had two children together and would love to be able to get married! Because our parting of ways the first two times were never angry but only sad from details out of our control we have always claimed to be "Bacon Loving Soulmates" and refuse to let anything come between us again.
How did you meet?:  We attended high school together in 1994-1995.
Whose idea was it to get married at Baconfest?:  Mike just found out it was possible and wants to do it next year!
Why do you love bacon?:  Mike doesn't know I've entered this contest and his Christmas gifts this year were 2 tickets to Baconfest, a shirt that says I will fight for Bacon, and a Bacon tree ornament. We were both raised in Iowa with a love for the pork industry.
What is the best & worst thing about each other?:  We can't live without eachother or bacon!
The most stressful wedding planning item for you?:  Picking the date! All of our family members and the kids are always giving us their opinions of when we should tie the knot.
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The Morning Moose Baconfest Wedding

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